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📚Q&A about Read it LOUD!📚

Q.. Is it a private lesson?

A..It is basically a group lesson.However, given the current circumstances,

Although it is a group lesson, there is a maximum of children in the classroom.(three years old and above) class

We are 4 people.Depending on the future infection situation, the response may change.

We value the feeling of being at home, and the distance between instructors and students is close,

We will also look at each student individually.

Even if the lesson plan is the same, the degree of progress and understanding will differ depending on the individual.

Lessons can be proceeded with the best plan for each individual child based on the judgment of the teacher.

Q..What will the activities consist of?

A..Deepen your understanding based on picture books that change every month, so that you can enjoy a multifaceted view of the world

contains experiments such as STEM challenges,

We include activities that allow you to systematically grasp the alphabet.

Q..Can siblings attend classes?

A..It is possible for siblings to attend. As a bonus, the second child is ¥3000 off.

Depending on your age, it is possible to take the course at the same time,depending on the childRival spirit

We may recommend another lesson because it may sprout or lead to atrophy.

Q..​How soon will I be able to speak English?

A..The younger the child, the faster the ear gets used to it and the faster it absorbs.

It's just that the amount of input and the speed of output is different from child to child.

Some children can sing songs with lyrics in a few months,

Some children suddenly start speaking short sentences after about a year.

Conversational skills are not something that can be acquired in a short period of concentration, but it is important to continue.

It is important to continue to have many times and opportunities to come into contact with English. Read it Loud! Then

Through picture books and activities, we will increase opportunities to come into contact with English in a fun and effective way.

Q..​Is there any benefit to learning from a Japanese teacher?

A..If you listen only to English, it is often difficult to understand, especially when the child is small.

Japanese and EnglishThis is a time when input is very important.

Read it LOUD!Supplementary information in Japanese is also very important.

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