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Greetings from the representative

In times when you don't know what awaits you, always have a strong heart to move forward with a smile.

Ever since I was a child, I've been shy and what I have always thought  was "it's impossible to do a cozy-talk in English.  However, one meeting changed my life. His name is Wally Amos.  


He told me "Emiko, let's read picture books to children all over the world.  Picture books tell you how wonderful life is.  "Read it LOUD! JAPAN" was born to realize his words.


For me, the keyword that makes my life shine is "encounter". Communication is very important for people to meet and deepen their relatons.


Read it LOUD! Is not an English school. Many of the children participated in our class ask their parents like  "oh is it all for today? when can I join next time?.


Anyway, children can learn English naturally with having fun and it positively afects to their memories at their early stage, then they realize study is a fun thing.


One of my favorite words of Wally Amos is "Be positive anyway!"

In such a difficult time to see the future, let's build up a strong mindset with a big smile and make our lives fulfilment ones together. 

Emiko Sugimoto_Photo_0013.jpg

Read it LOUD!JAPAN C.E.O.  Emiko Takata (Sugimoto)

Corporate History

Encounter with Mr. Wally Amos

Found Hale Osugi Internaitonal Inc.  Acquired Read it LOUD! trademark and te right of operation.  Read it LOUD! English conversation class is opened.

Announced a business cooperation agreement with Wisdome Academy (after-school childcare)

Read it LOUD! class is kicked off (at Wisdom Academy Mejiro and Ichigaya-Iidabashi schools respectively)

Ohji school opened (at Wisdom Academy)

Read it LOUD! Flagship school is opened at Asagaya, Shinbashi, Shin-Kawasaki
Asagaya school: al:ku Asayaga, Fly-under between JR Asagaya Sta. And Koenji Sta. Opearted by JR East Urban Development Corporation
Shimbahsi school: Shinbashi BITATION.  Operated by Haseko Community, Inc.
Shin-Kawasaki School: OTONIOR GARDEN Shin-Kawasaki at Tully's Coffee.  Opearted by JR East Urban Development Corporation

Online lesson kicked off

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