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What is Read it LOUD!?

Unique traits of Read it LOUD!

3 special points of us

Nonstop laughing! Fun to lean English

英会話 英語絵本 キッズ 阿佐ヶ谷

- Reading picture book alternately in English and Japanese .
- We are NOT prep school, anyhow, it is fun.
- Encourage a higher motivation to learn 
- Inspire emotions, feelings and sensibilities
- Develop self-fulfillment and self-positivity 
- Learn how to express his/her feelings and deliver their message
- A variety of talented instructors including actors/actress or media personality
- Global background staffs  

Brain Workout with English


- Illustration and visual sense help comprehension and it leads to develop memory from zero year-old.
- Picture book is ideal for memorizing stories in visual, so as you read them, the illustrations help you comprehend the story and you can memorize it smoothly, and which leads to memory learning from a 0-year-old child.
- American Pediatric Society and brain scientists report that reading picture book or story time brings positive reaction not only for children but adults.  

An original activity that connects the world of picture books with the real world


- Read it LOUD! developed its unique activities which tailor to the contents of the picture books. You can experience the world of picture books in English using your five senses, such as singing, dancing, crafting, and card games.  Also, throughout the lesson, you can touch foreign culture by its gestures of daily life, such as hugging and high-five.  
- Utilizing Phonics, it helps to read and write English without relying on memorization.

Photo by:--Ric Noyle

about Wally Amos


Born July 1, 1936 in Florida, USA. He worked at a world-famous percenters as the first-ever African-Americans and played a great role to talent-spot such as Marvin Gaye and Simon & Garfunkel.
After that, he opened the world's first chocolate chip cookie shop with a secretly transmitted recipe by Aunt Della.
Furthermore, he committed to continue to child education and in 2005, he established the "Read it LOUD! Foundation" .
Wally Amos lives in Waikiki, Hawaii and he provides enthusiastically his lecture circuits throughout the United States


Reading to children or story time in English is necessary for Japanese children?

According to the "Survey on Parents and Children's Reading Activities" by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, it shows the occasion of implementation of reading events and public relations in a community activity (31.5%) as well as, that of events such as storytelling sessions (31.4%),  and it translates any events relevant to books are preferred.

According to the US TOEFL® test preparation organization Educational Testing Service, "Read it LOUD!" was ranked 26th out of 31 countries of the TOEFL® average score ranking in Asia on 2013,  particularly, speaking and writing scores were not attractive and speaking scores were the lowest in the Asian region.

Source: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology website (

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