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Online lessons from anywhere in the world!

Our highly sought-after lesson is now available online.In the lesson, you can learn natural English expressions through reading and listening to the picture books. Engaging activities like singing, hand motions, and pretend play will captivate students throughout the lesson.

Join our Read it LOUD!


Our lessons are kept small, with a maximum of six students. This setting fosters English communication between the teacher and other students, helping everyone learn how to express themselves effectively.


Our Engaging and interactive online lessons

We offer our popular in-person lessons in Tokyo along with our original picture books. You can take the course anywhere in Japan or around the world.


Unique method using picture books

Natural English expression and communication skills can be acquired effortlessly.


Bilingual Japanese teachers

Teachers can provide Japanese language support for worry-free learning even if your child is new to English.


Enjoy fun learning in our 40-minute lesson!

What we value most is making your children fall in love with English through enjoyable lessons!



Unique Method Using Picture Books

Original picture books for learning English

Our lesson materials are completely original picture books written in both English and Japanese.

We use original picture books where you can learn natural daily English expressions and phrases. The stories within these books are heartwarming tales of TOWA, a shy boy, and his mysterious hat RIL, as they grow up through thrilling adventures. Our teachers read these books in both English and Japanese, enhancing your English learning experience.


Online Lessons

All you need is a tablet or a computer to take the course right away!


When taking the course, you will use a dedicated app and Zoom. 🎵
You can read picture books in the app both before and after the lesson, allowing for both preparation and review.



You can book a lesson anytime.
40 minutes of English time with a Japanese teacher, you'll quickly become familiar with English!


*There is no extension of expiration date or refund for purchased tickets.
*If you pay by credit card, the tickets will be issued automatically.If you pay by bank transfer, the tickets will be issued manually, so it may take a few days.



Bilingual Japanese teachers


Bilingual Japanese teachers

Join our lessons led by bilingual Japanese teachers fluent in both English and Japanese. With their support, even newcomers to English can participate with confidence. Our instructors prioritize communication and expressiveness for engaging English picture book reading, with RiL! specialized training!

An enjoyable learning journey with Japanese teacher, even for first-time learners.

The target age group for RiL! Online is children aged 3-8, which is why our Japanese instructors provide strong support! Even children who have never been exposed to English can enjoy our lessons.

Highly skilled teachers with exceptional English proficiency

Our instructors score 900 or higher on the TOEIC exam! They also hold qualifications in English picture book storytelling, reflecting their strong expressive abilities. Learning English from our exceptional teachers during this crucial time of nurturing sensitivity is of utmost importance.

The professional English picture book storytellers' reading aloud leaves a lasting impression on the heart.

We introduce the legendary style of English picture book storytelling by the most famous figure in the field in the United States, Mr. Wally Amos. It's a delightful lesson time where two languages naturally become part of you.



Enjoy fun learning in our 40-minute lesson!

Exciting learning experience

At RiL, our lessons are all about having a blast!

Learning English can seem challenging and uninteresting at first, especially for beginners. That's why we offer a variety of engaging activities to ensure that even children who are new to English can have a great time. 
With our picture book materials, a little support goes a long way in understanding the content. 
In our inclusive classes, nobody gets left behind, making it easy to enjoy and fall in love with English!


I truly feel that my child is really making progress and acquiring English.

After the lesson, my son say "I had a great time talking with everyone in the group!" Through picture books, the teacher draws out not only English but also children's interests. It is attractive that my kid can naturally absorb English without being conscious of "learning English". The picture books are original, so I look forward to it with my child every time.



Our lesson offers plenty of enjoyable activities, allowing your child to make new friends!

In our lessons, we go beyond picture book reading. We incorporate activities like singing, fingerplays, coloring, and games, allowing children to connect words with movement and naturally acquire live English expressions. With small group lessons of up to six students, your child can communicate in English and learn how to express themselves effectively with other students.


I found English picture book readings to be particularly good.

I myself was interested in reading English picture books, so I was looking for a school where my children could develop an interest in them as well. I tried several schools, but I found that Read it LOUD! seemed to be a place where my kids could stay engaged and enjoy themselves, so I decided to enroll them. I appreciate that English is learned here naturally, not just as a formal study. Every session introduces new activities, making it exciting to learn without getting bored.


My daughter always looks forward to group lessons.

My daughter has only recently started taking lessons, but she seems to be having a lot of fun. When I tell her that today is the "English day", she gets excited and exclaims, 'Yay!'. 
The style of learning through enjoyable group activities seems to be a perfect fit for my daughter, and I'm glad I made this choice.


Enrollment flow




Book a free trial lesson

Please reserve your free trial via LINE@ or through our inquiry form. We'll inquire about your child's age and experience to determine the right class for your child. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.



Take a free trial lesson

No preparation is needed- just join the class at the scheduled time! Experience our enjoyable 40-minute lesson.



Install the app

After the free trial, if it seems suitable for your child, please download the app and purchase the online class tickets you need. Enjoy unlimited access to picture books and games within the app.

Trial lesson

You can join the free trial with no preparation required. We do not engage in any solicitation, so feel free to try it out if you're interested.


Enroll in a complimentary trial lesson

(For ages 3-8)



  • How much does the trial lesson cost?
    It's free. We are looking for participation at any time, such as trial sessions, trial events, and regular lessons, so please feel free to join us.
  • How long does the trial lesson take?
    The lesson itself is about 30 minutes. It takes about 1 hour including explanations and procedures.If you do not have time, please let us know in advance. We will inform you at your desired time.
  • Is there anything I should bring with me during the trial lesson?
    There are no special requirements. Please fill in the application form when you apply for admission.
  • I would like to consider it after attending an information session or a trial lesson.
    Of course. Please consider carefully. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the instructor or staff.
  • I don't want to be a teacher, I just want to be able to read to my children in English.
    Lessons are suitable for each level. Anyone from those who are not good at English to those who want to become teachers will be able to read English picture books with natural pronunciation.

Would you like to turn your picture books into English lesson materials for Japanese children?

Read it LOUD! is seeking talented artists to collaborate on creating children's picture books that spark their imagination. The picture books created through this project will be used as materials for children's English lessons. Would you be interested in joining our project and contributing to children's picture books in both English and Japanese?

You can choose your preferred illustration style.


Both paper and digital formats are acceptable, so please draw in the style that suits you best.


A proper contract will be signed, ensuring that there are no copyright infringements.


If you have any further inquiries about the call for new artists, please contact us at

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