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Guidance after the free trial lesson

Read it LOUD!

Thank you very much.


How was the trial lesson?


Read it LOUD!

While reading one picture book every month, flash cards related to picture books and

We have exciting activities, worksheets and more.


The baby class will be a parent-child lesson, so parents can enjoy it,

You will be able to communicate with your child in English.


While understanding the picture book in English and Japanese in the kids class,

By doing many activities using English,

I will be able to express my feelings in English.


In the junior class, emphasis is placed not only on reading picture books, but also on writing.

While experiencing “I did it!” through work that incorporates science and arithmetic

I will acquire communication skills in English.

[Flow until admission]


(1) From the inquiry form or official LINE

Please let us know your preferred day of the week and time.


(2) The secretariat will propose a schedule that is currently available


(3) Once the day and time of the lesson you will participate in has been officially decided,

   Please send the [application form] and [membership agreement] by mail or email.

I will send it to you.

   Please fill in the necessary items, seal it and return it to the secretariat.


(4) So that the secretariat can confirm the payment at least 3 days before the first lesson,

   Please pay the first monthly fee.

1 lesson 45 minutes, basic 4 times a month (3 times in January, May and August)


Monthly fee is 10000 yen per month

(If you want a picture book, please register for the original app for 980 yen per month.) 

* If you join in the middle of the month after the start of the month, we will give you a discount depending on the number of lessons.


Lessons can be changed up once a month only.

In this case, it depends on the shift, so the instructor may change.

If you have any questions regarding enrollment

Please feel free to contact the Read it LOUD! office.

Phone:     03-6447-5980


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