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Would you like to turn your picture books into English lesson materials for Japanese children?

Read it LOUD! is seeking talented artists to collaborate on creating children's picture books that spark their imagination. The picture books created through this project will be used as materials for children's English lessons. Would you be interested in joining our project and contributing to children's picture books in both English and Japanese?

RIL_TOP_画像 圧縮.png


You can choose your preferred illustration style.


Both paper and digital formats are acceptable, so please draw in the style that suits you best.


A proper contract will be signed, ensuring that there are no copyright infringements.


Contract Procedure



Please submit your application via email to
If you have any picture books or drawings you have done, please attach your portfolio or sample data.


Document Screening

Based on your portfolio and work data, we will notify you of the screening results after reviewing your documents.


Schedule an online meeting

Please share your thoughts on creating picture books and your dedication to the project. We will explain the contract details and the future process.


Signing of contract


Start of  picture book production

If you have any further inquiries about the call for new artists, please contact us at


About US

Read it LOUD! provides an English lesson program that enhances communication skills such as expressive abilities and proactiveness by reading English picture books in both English and Japanese and engaging in various activities that utilize the five senses.

In 2022, we produced an original bilingual picture book series (10 episodes in total). We offer classes using these picture books, conducting in-person lessons and workshops in Tokyo, as well as online lessons, to reach a wide audience.


We envision creating delightful picture books in collaboration with wonderful artists from around the world. Our goal is to help children learn English naturally while having a great time, fostering the ability to communicate joyfully with anyone.

Would you like to join us in creating these picture books?

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