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For Kanto (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba) area

Proposal of introduction plans for kindergartens and nursery schools

"Reading" + "Communication" = "Read it LOUD! JAPAN" style lesson 

What is a “Read it LOUD! JAPAN” style lesson?

"Read it LOUD! JAPAN" makes it easy to reach your heart“Picture book reading”We offer a new style of English conversation lessons where you learn English using In addition to simply reading to children, we also have plans to nurture adults and educators who will be readers.


Corresponding area

・Currently available in Kanto (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba)

​・Can be used by kindergartens, nursery schools, and small-scale businesses

*In other areas, online classes are available for both children and adults. If you are interested, please contact us so that we can introduce the case.

Target age

①   Baby class (0 to 3 years old) Accompanied by a guardian
② Kids class (4-8 years old)


For Kids

read aloud to children


1. 正課導入プラン




2. 課外教室プラン

希望する一部の園児向けに、降園後に園内教室をお借りして、「Read it LOUD!」のオリジナルレッスンを弊社が運営させていただくプランです。 早期英語教育に対する保護者様のニーズを満たし、子ども達にとっても安心・安全な場所で「Read it LOUD!」の英会話レッスンを受けられることは、貴園の大きな特色になるでしょう。


​月に4回 / 1回45分のお月謝制

Lesson flow

One picture book will be taught over a month. phonics*We also offer original activities such as

あいさつの歌「Hello Song 」を歌います





最後に英語だけで本を読んで、「Good Bye Song」を歌います

* Phonics is a phonetic learning method that learns the relationship between pronunciation and letters. By properly learning the pronunciation of each alphabet, even if you find a word you don't know, you will be able to understand the spelling just by listening and write it correctly.


Teacher Course

read aloud to children

Reader/Leader Training Plan

This is a skill-up class for teachers who want to introduce story-telling of English picture books in the future and who want to learn how to read story-telling.


For those who are not good at English or are not confident in their pronunciation, we offer lessons so that they can read picture books naturally with English-like pronunciation.


You will also be able to communicate easily in English with your children.

① 初級 ★☆☆


②中級 ★★☆


③上級 ★★★


Lesson content

1 lesson 60 minutes x 11 times (22 times for advanced)

Textbooks and picture books to be used in lessons will be provided.


Contact Us



read aloud to children

In response to your garden's request, we plan and manage events related to storytelling of picture books, English, and child-rearing, as well as dispatch instructors. Please feel free to contact us.


* 2022 Halloween Storytelling at Aruke Asagaya

Inquiries about plan introduction

Hare Osugi International Co., Ltd. Read it LOUD! Secretariat

Usami in charge
TEL 03-6447-5980

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